"I want to become a President"
— 6 y/o me

So I did... twice

I was elected to lead an NGO with over 50 volunteers and 100 projects per year. And a year later became the President of an umbrella organization which covers four other NGOs.

That is how I got into working with Youth

I have been managing projects, facilitating trainings and leading NGOs in the field of Youth for 5 years now.

But I actually graduated natural sciences

I am not really working in my field, but I have a related hobby. I take pictures of Wildlife.

Recently I have taken up Web Development

I've been connected with IT and technology in a different ways in past, but now I have decided that mastering this skill-set would be very beneficial.

And if I am not doing anything else, I'm traveling the world

Visited over 140 places so far

But mostly I am just daydreaming about saving the world

Send me a message, if you are too :)